Quick-Lock System

125OD x 180mm Length -- Quick-Lock Moulder Cutterhead

Sku: QL125-180-9300-1.5

Outer Diameter - 125mm
Cutting Length - 180mm
Bore - 40mm or 1-1/2" (Choose One) Brand - Titan Knife
The ultimate system for efficiency and versatility. Surface and profile with the same cutterhead. Our Quick-Lock Series 3 (9300) heads offer a total of 6-knife pockets (2 + 2 + 2); two surfacing knives (9000 style), two pockets for profile knives (9100 style), and two additional pockets that accept profile knife holders and low cost inserts for profiles (9200 style). Advantages include quick knife setup, no resharpending needed , long tool life carbide, affordable replacement knives and extraordinary suface finish in a lightwieght aluminum alloy head. Cutterhead prices include set of T1-HSS Planer Knives. Call for hydro-bore options