Finger Joint Tooling

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Product Description

 We offer all of the wear type parts including brush strips, chain guides, bed bars, insert-rails, air pressure bags, lugs, chain links, sprockets, squeeze rolls, press feet, and more are available. Spare Parts are CNC machine to OEM tolerances, but without the high OEM prices. We help you keep even the oldest finger joint systems running. Hardened insert bed-rails, No-mar strips, short block chains, replacement lugs, air bags, and many others are available. Parts are made to OEM specs for nearly half the cost in some cases!  Offerings from stock or quick delivery on standard parts or we can custom make parts to fit modified machines.

  • Solid and multi-part lugs for most finger joint systems and chains. Custom lugs can also be made if required. Most lugs can be shipped with quick deliveries.
  • High-quality standard and custom spec. block hold down brush strip bar. Standard brush strips are 3' long. Call for prices on custom sizes.
  • Standard No Mar hold-downs, custom lengths, and custom bolt slots can be made to your specs.
  • Insert rails can be made for most production finger joint systems. Most rails are offered from stock for quick delivery at a lower cost. All rails are hard chromed to help extend the scribe wear life. Custom rails with various scribe depth or sharpness are also offered for hardwoods or to reduce scribe marks on soft pines. Hard chrome costs are in flux which affects the cost of the insert rails - Call for prices.