Finger Joint Tooling

FJ Grinding Wheels

Product Description

We offer many grinding wheel styles and sizes to match your existing grinder. We provide a full line of wheels with various diameters, grits, bonds, and hardness in either Aluminum Oxide, Blue Ceramic, CBN, or Diamond wheels. We can custom match the proper wheel for your needs and your specific grinder and application. Recommended Type 11 Flaring Cup Wheel - for Roughing Grinding FJ Cutters.

Use a 1/4" radius for most AceCo cutters and 1/8" radius for most Wisconsin Knife cutters. All stock wheels are 1.25" bore / 80 grig. Other bore sizes and finer grits are the same prices - made to order. Call for details. Our radius edge CBN wheel for resharpening finger joint cutters - Regrinds the knife gullets as you face grind - helps to reduce the chances of knife breakage.