Finger Joint Tooling

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Product Description

All AceCo finger joint heads are precision machined from hardened alloy steel to withstand the daily abuse of industrial millwork. AceCo heads are known to run smoother and last longer than any other finger joint head made. From 2 bolt to 20 bolt configurations, AceCo offers the widest selection of standard and custom finger joint heads in the industry.

AceCo Ace-Loc hydraulic, straight bore and collet heads can be designed to fit any spindle diameter and assembled to cut a variety of joint styles including: Reversible, Male/Female, Re-saw, and Feather Joints.  These heads can handle production rates of up to 300 blocks per minute and will fit production finger joint machines including: IWW, Industrial Woodworking, Western Pneumatics, Conception R. P., Cader-Tech, Dimter, Grecon, Taihei, Kikukawa, Dubus, Sauter, Omga, Weinig, System TM, Doucet, Ledinek, Zeigelmeyer, CKM, Bottene, Howail, Benecke, Gwinn, BSY Baishengyuan, Cook-Bolinder and more.

We offer an assortment of AceCo accessories to help you optimize your production: Safety lock collars for increased security, hook gages that ensure finger joint heads leave the grinding room with the optimal cutting angle and set up stands for quick and accurate reposting of cutters. Standard items like head nuts, bolts, metric and standard grease fittings, grease gun parts, washers, cones and index spacers can be delivered quickly. Advanced support on all finger joint tooling and joint-related questions is available.