Finger Joint Tooling

FJ Head Cleaners & Combs

Product Description

We offer the Beachport head cleaners to eliminate finger joint head plugging. These head combs are designed to eliminate wood chips and wood dust from in between the knives and thus eliminate knife plugging and wood joint rip-out. Our head cleaner design uses a precision fixture that secures a brass profiled comb 100 deg. before the cut. Standard comb stands and mounts are offered for Industrial, Western, and other finger joint systems. All head cleaners are designed to pivot safely out of the dust hood if a block is sucked in. Brass combs are made to fit your thickest knife setup - up to 8/4.

Rip-out is caused when wood packs in-between the knives. Head combs may be required. It is common with longer joints in Cedar, Hemlock, Spruce, and Redwood. Combs are made to clean in-between each knife to prevent them from spreading a part.