Finger Joint Tooling

FJ Glue Application Equipment

Product Description

An older glue wheel system can cost you thousands of dollars to operate a year. We offer the Apquip glue application equipment for finger joint, edge, and face gluing applications. These systems are designed reliable and offer the precision control needed. New systems pay for themselves by reducing glue clean-up time and by saving up to 30% in glue consumption over roller wheels. Through efficient glue application, these systems reduce wasted squeeze out and can reduce several glue joint problems common to older technology. Systems will work with most adhesives either with sealed pressure tanks or pumped from your tote. Call for details and prices on systems.

We provide the best choice in quick change glue nozzles for consistent glue application. Apquip glue heads are made from the finest stainless steel and designed for your specific joint profile and adhesive. Adjustable heads that allow the same head to glue from 4/4 to 8/4 are also available.