Finger Joint Tooling

AceCo FJ Cutters

Product Description

AceCo finger joint cutters are the ultimate in quality and cutting precision. Circle bit style cutters are manufactured using American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) rolled and billet stock M2 tool steel; hardened and ground to very specific dimensional tolerances. Through research and process evolution, AceCo developed FINITE FINISH- a grinding process that guarantees thickness accuracy to ±. 0001″ (.0025mm) and flatness accuracy to .00005″ (.0012mm).  AceCo Cutters compress better, have tighter tolerances, stay sharper longer and produce more consistently accurate joints.

AceCo’s circle bit design gives the cutter a superior life cycle. Because the knife face is rotated forward and reset on the head as the face material is removed during grinding, the cutter geometry remains unchanged throughout an extended work life. High-Speed Steel finger joint knives are resharpened normally every 2 to 4 shifts, depending on the material density and joint length. Most knives can be resharpened several hundred times for years of grindable life. Each cutter is individually replaceable within a cutter stack- meaning a cutter with a broken tip can be replaced without affecting the other cutters in the head.

For increased performance, consider switching to EVOLUTION 3 cutters. EVO 3 high performance coating is more uniform and harder than chrome plating, which tends to create edge buildup during the bath plating process. Evo 3 coating provides a cutting edge that is harder than tungsten carbide without the brittleness. Evo 3 finger joint cutters have the same geometry and tolerances as the standard AceCo M2 HSS to extend run times between sharpenings.  For abrasive materials like LVL, Plywood and MDF, consider AceCo’s line of carbide tipped knives.

AceCo offers a broad range of standard production circle bit cutters joint lengths from 1/8" to 1-1/2".  We also have the capability of producing custom cutters to meet your specific requirements. If you do not see a cutter that meets your requirements, ask and we can help you find the right custom cutter or coating to maximize your fiber savings and your investment. If you have any questions or problems maintaining your tooling give us a call for in-depth analysis and technical support.