Woodturning Knives

8.9 x 1.85 mm - Round Carbide Insert - Woodturning Cutter

Sku: WTI-R1.8589

Type - Woodturning Carbide Insert Knife
Shape - Round
Diameter - 8.9 mm
Thickness - 1.85 mm
Hole - Counter Sunk, MS-KS48 Screw (M4) Recommended (Sold Separately)
Bevel - 30 degree

Note: We recommend customers measure their existing cutter since we cannot guarantee compatibility with tools from other manufacturers.

Cutter likely compatible with:

  • AZ Carbide Tools RD9 / RD9-twe cutter
  • Easy Wood Tools EWT Ci5 Mid Size Hollower TM #1, #2, #3 Round, Micro Tool Round TM
  • Peachtree Savannah Hollowing tool 7540, cutter 10755
  • Penn State Industries LXPMBR Ultra Carbide Chisel

Commonly used in woodturning applications. Round cutters are generally used for inside curves. Made using long wearing solid C3 carbide and polished for smoother cutting and longer life.

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