Terminus Style

100mm Length - T1-HSS - Terminus Style Planer Knife

Sku: TK-100T

Type - Terminus™ Style
Steel Grade - T1-HSS
Length - 100 mm
Width - 14 mm
Thickness - 2.55 mm
Brand - Titan Knife

Also compatible with Titan Quick-Lock moulder head surface planing knife pockets (9000 style pockets). 

QL 9000 100mm Head - 125mm OD and 140mm OD
QL 9300 100mm Head - 125mm OD and 140mm OD

High precision, low cost, reversible blades compatible with Terminus ™ style cutterheads. Offered in both T1-HSS and Micro-Grain C3 Carbide knives for 10 times the life. Precision knives made by Titan Knife Works. Exact fitting and smoother surface finishes.

Priced per knife. Purchase in pairs.
Order in quantity multiples of 2. (Example: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.)