V2+RW Coated Corrugated

5/16" x 2-1/2" x 25" V2+RW Corrugated Moulder Knife

Sku: SCV2-31250D

Steel Grade - V2+RW Coated
Thickness - 5/16"
Width - 2-1/2"
Length - 25"
Brand - Titan Knife

V2-HSS+RW – Coated V2-HSS: For the ultimate value and long tool life you have to try our RW coated knives. By applying the hard long wearing diamond dust chrome coating to the face of V2-HSS you can increase wear life 100% at a small additional cost. Our RW coating offers a 72 Rc hardness to the cutting edge which increases wear life without increasing your grinding time. The RW coating is a proprietary electroplating process that adds .001” thick chip resistant coating. This line of steel is great for most hardwoods and can triple tool life in wet woods that contain tannic acids (oak, cedar, redwood). Knife corrugations are 16 per inch at 60 degree angle.

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