Endurance ER+ Coated

5/16" x 1-1/2" x 25" Endurance ER+ Coated Corrugated Moulder Knife

Sku: SCSR-31150

Steel Grade - Endurance ER+ Coated
Thickness - 5/16"
Width - 1-1/2"
Length - 25"
Brand - Titan Knife

Endurance ER+ Coating - Our new Endurance super run moulder steel is the best option for extended production time and tool life. An excellent choice for cutting problem hardwoods and for super long production runs. Tool life is increased up to 800% over normal High Speed Steel without the inconvenience associated with using carbide knives. This proprietary knife coating process uses the latest technology developed in Europe for metal working tools. An ion sputtering magnetron chamber applies a P.V.D. (Physical Vapor Deposit); 6 layer film of Titanium, Ceramic crystals, and other elements to the knife surface to form an extremely hard and heat resistant cutting edge. The hardness of the coating is greater than 3500 HV Ð about twice as hard as C2 grade carbide, but because the coating is so thin, normal vitrified or CBN grinding wheels can be used to profile sharpen the knives. Great for short runs (500 to 1000 feet) cutting MDF, Teak, Ipe and even Angire. Grinds like steel and wears like carbide. NOTE: To avoid removing the wear resistant coating, a wood block should be used to de-burr the profiled knives instead of an abrasive slip stone. Knife corrugations are 16 per inch at 60 degree angle.