(TCT) Carbide Tipped Corrugated

1/4" x 1-1/2" x 25" -- TCT Corg Back Moulder Knife, 9/16" Carbide Inlay

Sku: SCC25150

Steel Grade - TCT (Carbide Tipped)
Thickness - 1/4"
Width - 1-1/2"
Length - 25"
Carbide Inlay - 9/16"
Brand - Titan Knife

Carbide runs 10 times longer than the best High Speed Steels. Great for hardwoods, long run surfacing, and MDF profiles. For grinding we even developed special CDX Diamond grinding wheels for sharpening carbide inlay knives. Knives below are stocked in long bars but can be cut to length as needed. Knife corrugations are 16 per inch at 60 degree angle.