D2-HCHC Smooth

31" x 2-1/4" x 5/32" -- D2-HCHC Planer Knife

Sku: SBD15225

Steel Grade - D2-HCHC
Length - 31"
Width - 2-1/4"
Thickness - 5/32"
Brand - Titan Knife -- High End Stock!

D2-HCHC - High Carbon and High Chrome: Our D2 (AISI) knives offer the best value for many moulding producers and planer mills. D2 offers the lowest price per bar because it has a Rockwell C hardness (HRC) of 58. It is easy to grind and resists nicks in knotty soft woods. D2 contains 12% chromium to resist chemical erosion when cutting wet cedar or redwood. Great for softwoods and shorter runs in hardwoods. Our knives are high end precision made to ISO specifications. We start with raw AISI forged steel salt bath heat treated for consistent hardness, triple draw tempered (stress relieved) then precision ground to a fine finish and exacting tolerances.