Lux Cut Journal Heads

8" Generic Jointer (3.125" cutting dia.) -- Titan Lux Cut III Journal Head

Sku: MSJ-G8M

Type - Titan Lux Cut III Journal Spiral / Helical Cutterhead
Fits - * Most common 8" Jointers with a 3.125" cutting circle

* Accura #02008, CT-200, Bridgewood BW 8J, CT-200, Gee-Tech CT-200, CT204L, Grizzly G0500, G0586, G05043, G1018 (Not the original G1018 USA made model), G0855 & G0857, Jepson CT-200, Jet JJ8CS, JJ-8, JJ-8HH, JWJ-8CS, King Canada CT-200, Northstate CT-200, Northtec NTWJ 200-1, Northwood CT-200, Oliver 4230, Reliant DD-40, Seco SK0008JT, Shop Fox W-1684, Steel City 40620, Sunhill CT-200, CT-204L, SM-204, Toolex CT-200

  • Stocked and ready to ship!
  • Reduce noise - A 25 decibel average sound reduction is common.
  • Reduce grain tear-out and fuzzing
  • Low cost operation - Four sided carbide knives can last up to 50 times longer than standard steel blades.

Heads come with the inserts installed and ready to run. Also included: bearings, wrenches, spare knives (5) and spare screws (5).

The Lux Cut III spiral heads by Titan Knife are an excellent upgrade for woodworking planer and jointer machines. The design incorporates 4 edge carbide insert knives with a slight radius on the cutting face; set at a shear angle for better cutting and longer insert life. The unique insert design allows for simple and accurate installation and rotation. Heads use our Lux Cut 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm (Part# IC-251515-DL ) carbide insert knife and screw. We offer the option of purchasing additional knives and screws together or just the screws.

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