Lux Cut Journal Heads

8" Generic Jointer (3.125" cutting dia.) -- Titan Lux Cut III Journal Head

Sku: MSJ-G8M

Type - Titan Lux Cut III Journal Spiral / Helical Cutterhead
Fits - * Most common 8" Jointers with a 3.125" cutting circle

* Accura #02008, CT-200, Bridgewood BW 8J, CT-200, Gee-Tech CT-200, CT204L, Grizzly G0500, G0586, G05043, G1018 (Not the original G1018 USA made model), G0855 & G0857, Jepson CT-200, Jet JJ8CS, JJ-8, JJ-8HH, JWJ-8CS, King Canada CT-200, Northstate CT-200, Northtec NTWJ 200-1, Northwood CT-200, Oliver 4230, Reliant DD-40, Seco SK0008JT, Shop Fox W-1684, Steel City 40620, Sunhill CT-200, CT-204L, SM-204, Toolex CT-200

  • Stocked and ready to ship!
  • Reduce noise - A 25 decibel average sound reduction is common.
  • Reduce grain tear-out and fuzzing
  • Low cost operation - Four sided carbide knives can last up to 50 times longer than standard steel blades.

Heads come with the inserts installed and ready to run. Also included: bearings, wrenches, spare knives (5) and spare screws (5).

The Lux Cut III spiral heads by Titan Knife are an excellent upgrade for woodworking planer and jointer machines. The design incorporates 4 edge carbide insert knives with a slight radius on the cutting face; set at a shear angle for better cutting and longer insert life. The unique insert design allows for simple and accurate installation and rotation. Heads use our Lux Cut 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm (Part# IC-251515-DL ) carbide insert knife and screw. We offer the option of purchasing additional knives and screws together or just the screws.

Lux Cut Heads cannot ship USPS Priority Mail. Please choose from other shipping options when ordering.

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