Spiral Insert Heads

8" (200mm) CL x 125mm OD x 40mm Bore -- Spiral Head - 6-Row

Sku: MS12568F

Outer Diameter (Body Dia) - 125 mm
Cutting Length - 8" (200 mm)
Bore - 40 mm
Rows of Knives - 6
Brand - Titan Knife

Titan Spiral insert knife cutterheads make constant contact with the surface of the material in a helical pattern offering reduced cutting noise - typically 20 decibels less. Each long wearing carbide knife has four edges that can be dulled before replacement. These moulder cutter heads improve material finishes on wood cross grain, lower long term tooling cost, and eliminate sharpening costs. Our molder spiral heads offer special radius edge inserts set at a shear angle to reduce any chance of knife corners marking your material. Made from 7071-T6 high strength aircraft aluminum and hard anodized making the cutterhead both strong and light. Heads include a set of carbide knives installed and ready to run. Heads also include a torx wrench for turning and replacing the knives. Titan Spiral Heads use 15 x 15 x 2.5 - 8 radius insert knives.

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