W & H Style Heads

WH Style 6" Head - 137mm Body Dia. 1-13/16" Bore - 2 Knife

Sku: MHW-137-150

Body Diameter - 137 mm
Cutting Length - 6"
Bore - 1-13/16"
Knife Pockets - 2
Brand - Titan Knife

We now offer a line of cutter heads that allow you to use your existing Williams & Hussey knives on your shaper or larger high speed moulder - no need to order two sets of knives for each. Use all your existing W&H knives in these heads to match the exact profiles without having to order more corrugated back knives. Heads accept knives up to 1/4" thickness, 6000 rpm max. Heads include 3/8" bolts -placed on 1.0" centers.

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