Corrugated Knife HydroLock

150OD x 150mm Length - Hydro-Lock Bore - Moulder Cutterhead

Sku: MH150-4-150HL-12

Outer Diameter - 150 mm (5.9")
Cutting Length - 150 mm (5.91")
Bore - 1-13/16" or 2-1/8" or 50 mm(Choose One)
Corrugated Knife Pockets - 4 or 6 (Choose One)
Cutting Angle (Hook) - 12 degree or 20 degree (Choose One)
Brand - Titan Knife

Weinig, Mattison, Wadkin, Diehl, Leadermac, and other jointed high speed Moulders:
150OD Hydro-Lock heads are for use on high speed jointed moulders for feed speeds up to 300 ft per min. Hydro-Lock Heads are made from high strength hardened steel, CNC machined to exact tolerances and dynamic balanced to ISO Grade quality 1.0 up to 9000 rpm. These offer finer surface finishes with the durability to withstand years of continuous use on high speed molders. Cutterheads are offered with all the industry standard features and metric hardware. Knife pockets are designed to accept knife steel from 3/16" thick up to 10mm thick corrugated back molder knife stock. They have build-in hydro-sleeves made from high yield strength alloy steel to avoid deforming the sleeves over years of use and the added benefit of precision tool centering for smoother cutting on non-jointed machines. To avoid damage always use safety lock collars at all times on hydraulic locking bore cutter heads. Do not exceed max. pressure on head, do not pressurize heads on an undersized spindle, or spindles with keyways. Check pressure daily. Call for other custom bore prices. Note - OD grease fittings are on hydro-heads 150mm and longer for easier access.