Easy Lock

137mm OD x 100mm L x 1-13/16" Bore - Easy Lock Hydro Bore Moulder Head - 4 Knife

Sku: MH137-4-100HLE

Body Diameter - 137 mm
Cutting Length - 100 mm
Bore - 1-13/16"
Bore Type - Easy Lock Hydro Knife Pockets - 4
Brand - Titan Knife

Note: Made to Order with 4 week lead time.

Weinig, Wadkin, SCMI, IIDA, Leadermac, Woodmizer, Silver, and other Mid-Sized Moulders:
For use on moulders with larger spindles and larger cutting capacities. Heads are precision made to run to 9000 rpm and are dynamic balanced to ISO Grade quality 1.0. Heads are offered with all the industry standard features and metric hardware; knife pockets are designed to accept knife steel from 3/16" thick up to 10mm thick corrugated. Heads are made to order - you choose the cutting angle. Dual hook, or single hook on all 4-pockets for high speed jointed moulders. Jointed knife feed speeds up to 200 ft. per min. Easy Lock hydro-lock moulder heads do not require a high pressure grease pump. The sealed system is pressurized by tightening an Allen bolt which energizes and locks the cutterhead to the spindle. To remove the cutterhead, simply loosen the bolt and the sleeve is de-pressurized. Available in cutting lengths up to 150mm long. The Easy Lock design is proven reliable in lab tests which pressurized the system 25,000 times without failure, or pressure loss. Heads are pre-calibrated for use between 35 and 110 degrees F.