L & LV Eased Edge Radius

LV Single Prong -- 1/4" Radius, 2" Plus Stock, 2" Knife, RIGHT

Sku: LVS250R

Tail - LV (#4 Standard Tail)
Single Prong
Radius - 1/4" Radius
For 2" Plus Wood Stock Thickness
Knife Width - 2"
Right Hand Knife
Knives are balanced in sets at no extra charge.

Our L and LV, eased edge radius, side head planer knives are made from high Molly (HCHC) steel and salt bath heat treated for consistent hardness. All knife cutting surfaces are precisely ground to produce a smoother finish. After heat treating we finish grind the top, face, and eased edge radius sections of the generated knives for more accurate cutting than milled knives. Also, our knives are easier to setup and axial align in the cutter heads because both side edges are precision flush ground. They are compatible replacements for BGR, Yates, Simmonds, GrindX, DK Spec, Pac-Hoe, J&O, Newman and Diston knives. - Custom knives can be produced. Call for details.