Planer Journal Heads

Holzher-Protool PLP 245E (with bearings) (245mm) 9-1/2" Planer Journal Head

Sku: JHP9.5-HOLPLP245E

Type - Journal Cutterhead (with bearings)
Fits - Holzher-Protool PLP 245E (245mm) 9-1/2" Planer

The combined advantage of shear and helix knife cutting by replacing your traditional straight knife cutterhead. Shear and stagger cut is superior to single straight cuts. Replace a few inexpensive small knives instead of a large planer knife if you happen to hit a nail or staple or when dull. Experience the knife replacement savings, quieter cutting, reduced tearout, large gullets to remove wood chips, and clean cutting of a journal head for your planer or jointer. Journal heads are made to order and can require 6+ weeks for delivery. -- Heads use 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm radius corner and 100mm radius face (Part# IC-2514144-4100) Byrd style carbide insert knives and use (Part# MS-BS-S) Byrd journal head screws. Heads come with set of knives and screws.

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