Multi-Profile Insert System

60mm Wide x 3.5" Minor Dia x 1-1/4" Bore -- Mini-HD MP Shaper Head

Sku: IHHD-60-1.25SD

Type - Mini Heavy Duty (HD) Multi-Profle Insert Head System for Shapers
Head and Knife Width - 60mm
Minor Diameter - 3.5"
Bore - 1-1/4"
Knife Pockets (Wings) - 3

Designed to be used on a spindle shaper; these versitle heads are ideal for projects including end work on flooring as well as cope and stick cabinet door profiles. A feature of 60mm wide heads is the ability to fit two profiles on one knife. It's like getting two knives for the price of one! Mini-HD Heads will accept the same knives and backers as the larger 3-Wing HD MP Moulder Heads. Knives sold separately.

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