Multi-Profile Insert System

Carbide Knife Blank -- 40mm Wide -- HD MP

Sku: ICHD-40-25

Grade - Carbide
Width - 40mm
25mm Blank = 0.375" Max depth of cut
30mm Blank = 0.500" Max depth of cut
35mm Blank = 0.625" Max depth of cut
40mm Blank = 0.750" Max depth of cut
Thickness - 2mm

Our new heavy duty multi-profile insert heads accommodate a wide variety of profiles; including deep profiles. The HD design is especially suited for troublesome woods. The knife system incorporates 2mm thick carbide knives and a 6mm thick backer for extra strength. The heads are 3-wing for increased durability. Call for additional cutterhead customization options such as a groove cutter support prong added to the tool body for even more strength and durability.

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