Side Insert Heads

1-1/4" Bore x 50mm CL x 125mm Cut Dia - Side Insert Cutterhead

Sku: IC-125-4-50-1.25

Outer Cutting Diameter - 125mm
Cutting Length - 50mm
Bore - 1-1/4"
Knife Pockets - 4
Knife Spurs - 4 (2 on each side)
Brand - Titan Knife
Heads come with set of knives.

  We offer several styles of insert knife cutter heads, made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, for economical surfacing of material on smaller moulders and planers. Heads come with or without side cutting spurs for dado and rabbet cutting. Once the knives dull, you simply turn the blade around to the next sharp cutting edge - 2 or 4 life cutting edges. Once all usable cutting edges are dull, a new low cost long wearing carbide knife is quickly inserted. No need to purchase expensive sharpening equipment. This option offers one of the lowest cost ways to size and surface hardwoods. Head uses 50mm x 12mm x 1.5mm carbide insert knives.