Super Helic

230mm Long - Super Helic HSS Knife for 125mm OD head

Sku: HK125-230-HSS

Type - Super Helic System
Compatibility - 125 mm Outer Diameter Super Helic Cutterheads
Cutting Length - 230 mm
Grade - HSS (High Speed Steel)

The Helical cutting action is the ultimate way to surface wood and will eliminate fuzzy and chipped out grain defects even in cross grain. The Helix is a continuous compound shear cutting action that slices the wood with low tool pressure. Our Super Helic cutterheads use a simple one screw set gib design that wedges the corrugated HSS or HSS Super Run coated knives tightly using centrifugal force. All heads are currently right hand helix. New heads include a set of knives that are factory sharpened in the head for closer cutting concentricity. Knives can be re-sharpened many times. Heads are made to order with a 4 to 5 week delivery. -- Ask about our Super Run coated knives for increased performance.

Note: Minimally Stocked Item. Superhelic Knives are generally made to order at 10-12 weeks lead time.