10" Dia x 3/16" Thick x 1-1/4" Bore - BLUE 46-K -- Vitrified Wheel

Sku: GW-5500A

Vitrified Profile Grinding Wheel for Foley, United, Nielsen, and Western Grinders
Diameter - 10"
Thickness - 3/16"
Bore - 1-1/4"
Grit - 46
Hardness - K
Color - Blue Ceramic - Long wearing. About twice the life of white oxide wheels.

Grinding Wheels may ship separate from other items based on the weight, size, etc. of the other items in an order to prevent damage during transit. Shipping costs may be adjusted accordingly.

Vitrified Grinding wheels allow you to profile grind moulding patterns in corrugated knife steel. We can suggest a grinding wheel to match the grinderman's experience, the grinders RPM and the steel hardness. Normally the harder the wheel, and faster the RPM, the longer wearing the wheel is. Yet harder wheels load quicker and can burn knives. Use coarse wheels for roughing profiles and fine wheels for resharpening are also available. A coarse wheel at a higher RPM can also help provide a finer finish grind. For Weinig Grinders: Rough grind patterns at about 1,800 rpm and slow if knife burns. As wheel wears RPM can be increased to 2,100 rpm. For finer finish grinds with a coarse wheel increase to 2,600+ rpm.