Euro-Lock Carbide System

300mm x 60mm - Euro-Lock Corrugated Moulder Knife System

Sku: ES3106

Euro-Lock - Carbide Knife with HSS Steel Backer Plate
Cut Length - 300 mm
Width - 60 mm (2-3/8") Height
Brand - Titan Knife

The ultimate carbide moulder knife system for high production millworkers who cut Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Euro-Lock knives are compatible with your existing Weinig ™ Knife or Leitz ™ Style steel backing plates. Advantages over the competition include the use of a super strong C3 Micro-Grain carbide with higher hardness for longer production runs and our backing plates are the only ones made from high grade M2-High Speed Steel for greater carbide support. Our competitors use softer steel backers that can bend & require additional deburring. Our backers are fully corrugated to allow the backer to be raised up in the knife pocket for additional resharpenings. Euro-Lock knives and backing plates are CNC ground on the latest crush grinders for greater accuracy, precise index locking, and closer balance tolerances with polished knife faces to a mirror finish to improve the edge sharpness that results in finer material finishes in MDF. Our knives offer the best choice for reliable trouble free performance.

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