Cold Saw Blanks

275mm Diameter - Cold Saw Blank

Sku: CS-2752.5040

Type - Cold Saw Blank
Diameter - 275mm
Thickness -
Bore / Pin Holes
40mm Bore / Pin Holes - (2) 9mm diameter holes on 55mm bolt circle, (4) 12mm diameter holes on 64mm bolt circle

We offer a full line of High Speed Cold Saw blanks. Saw blanks are supplied saw sharpening customers in various sizes without teeth, ready to be profiled with the correct tooth configuration and style. Our HSS cold saws offer one of the best values when cutting various metals. They are steam treated, hardened to 65 Hrc and offer: Long Wear Life: Solid M2-HSS (DIN 1.3343) high levels of Tungsten, Moly and Vanadium. Accurate Cutting: Extra close tolerances to improve finish cuts and reduce kerf waste.