Titan Diamond Flooring Cutters

Hydro Sleeve for Titan Diamond Cutter

Sku: CI:1-1/2/60-65

Hydro-Sleeve - CI Type for use with Titan Diamond Flooring Cutters
Bore Diameter - (Choose from 1-1/2", 40mm, 1-13/16", 50mm, or 2-1/8")
Shank Diameter - 60mm
Overall Length - 65mm
Brand - Titan Knife

Titan Hydro Sleeves are a high precision, lower cost solution for centering insert cutterheads, spiral heads, and saw blades on production moulders, tenoners, and rip saws. CNC machined from high strength alloy steel for long wear life. Titan sleeves are dimensional matches to the popular ETP ™ brand, and use a welded sleeve design.

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