Splitter Saws & Eased Edge Cutters

5.684" Diameter - Eased Edge 1/8" Radius Cutter

Sku: Saw SB-S005

Type - Eased Edge Radius Cutter
Diameter - 5.684"
Radius - 1/8"
Teeth - 8
Width - 4.75mm
Hand - Right or Left
Bore / Bolt Holes
65mm Bore / Bolt Holes - (3) 10.5mm Holes on a 80mm Bolt Circle

Splitter Saw & Radius Eased Edge Cutters For Moulders - Rip, Groove, and Surfacing in One Pass with our assemblies. A typical assembly includes a Titan hydro sleeve, saw, eased edge cutters, spacers, and bolts. Contact us for custom made heads that can combine a moulder head and a carbide tipped saw to allow you to rip stock and surface on the same spindle, or allow you to ease edges and rip for square production. Also commonly used to cut a weather strip groove without the hassle of breaking moulder knife splitters - 0-deg. radial carbide tip saws cut smooth grooves and last thousands of feet longer. We can provide good solutions for nearly any product run.

Warning: The use of splitter saws on moulders requires you to have anti-kickback devices installed to prevent possible injury to the infeed operator.

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