Product Instructions

Wanner High-Pressure Grease Gun

Instructions & Troubleshooting

Attention: Turn Pressure Gauge into the correct position before achieving pressure.


  1. Open the Air Relief Screw (35591.00). Turn screw to the left.
  2. Turn the Handle with the Piston Rod; pull back firmly and lock it on to the end cover (38013.00).
  3. Turn the Cylinder (38195.00) to the left to unscrew it from the Gun Head (33731.00). Only remove the end over (38013.00) from empty lubricator for cleaning purposes.
  4. Remove the empty grease cartridge. By operating the Piston Rod the cartridge gets thrown out automatically. Do not forget to recatch.
  5. Insert New Cartridge as follows:
    1. Remove the loose rear cap of the grease cartridge.
    2. Insert the open end of the grease cartridge into to the Cylinder (38195.00).
    3. Remove the second cap of the grease cartridge with a screw driver or knife.
  6. Screw together the Cylinder (38195.00) and the Grease Gun Head (33731.00).
  7. Pull the Handle with the Piston Rod out of the catch and let it slide into Cylinder (38195.00).
  8. Once grease flows constantly out of the side hold of the Air Release Valve (35591.00) then close the valve.
  9. Check if the Pressure Relief Screw (33773.00) is closed. The High-Pressure Gun is now ready to use.

To Produce Pressure

  1. Connect the Hydraulic Connector (36590.00) with the High-Pressure Hose (35143.00) onto the high-pressure nipple. (Make sure that the nipple is clean!)
  2. Check if Pressure Relief Screw (33773.00) is closed.
  3. Turn the Pressure Gauge (83746.01) to the required position.
  4. Operate the Lever (33707.00) until the Pressure Gauge (83746.01) indicates the required pressure.

To Release Pressure

  1. Turn the Pressure Release Screw (33773.00) to the left and wait until the pressure is released. Never unscrew it totally, as the Valve Ball (82008.00) may get lost.
  2. The grease will go directly back into the Cylinder (38195.00).
  3. Remove the Hydraulic Connector from the high-pressure nipple by tilting it sideways and slightly turning it.
  4. Close the Pressure Release Screw (33773.00) again.

Important: It is absolutely necessary to follow these instructions, otherwise the Connector or the nipple may be damaged.


No Grease Output

  • Check if there is grease in the cartridge. If the handle can be pulled back without effort, i.e. without resistance from the spring, then there is still grease in the cartridge. If not, then put in a new grease cartridge.
  • Check for trapped air. Open the Air Release Valve (35591.00) and operate the Lever (33707.00) until air free grease is released. Then close the valve.

No Pressure

  • Check that the Pressure Release Screw (33773.00) is tight.
  • Non Return Valve (33716.00) may be dirty. Pull back the Handle with the Piston Rod to the End Cover (38013.00). Unscrew the Cylinder (38195.00) from the Gun Head (33731.00) and clean the Valve (33716.00)

Important: Do not use metal tools to clean the Ball Valve seating.

Leakage past the Piston (32340.00)

This may be due to a dirty or damaged seal.

To replace the X-Ring (82495.00), press out the Snap Rings (84806.00), Bolts (33709.00) and Link Plates (33708.00). Then withdraw the Piston (32340.00) from the Gun Head (33731.00). Remove the X-Ring Seal (82495.00) while being careful not to damage the bore. Carefully fit the new X-Ring (82495.00) in place and ensure that it is properly seated in the groove. Reassemble the Piston (32340.00), Pin (84631.00), Bolts (33709.00), Link Plates (33708.00) and Snap Rings (84806.00) N.B. The longer end of the Torsion Spring (81697.00) should lie inside the Lever (33707.00)