Product Instructions

Journal Heads

Insert Knife Instructions

When replacing or rotating inserts, the seat should be as clean as possible. Move the tip back and forth a few times on the seat to make sure there are no burrs or dirt. This will prevent breakage of inserts and ensure proper insert alignment. To properly align the insert, press the insert away from the back of the seat and let the screw pull the tip into position. When it is fully seated, the front of the screw should pull down against the tip. Do not try to place the tip directly over the screw hole; in doing so, it can ride up on the back of the seat and cause it to not index properly, possibly cracking the tip. When the tip is against the back of the seat, there will be a slight offset between the screw hole and the tip hole. Hard hand tightening is about 45-inch pounds torque. This allows the countersink in the tip and the taper of the head on the flathead screw to slide the tip into its proper position.

There are two types of torque wrenches; the standard break-over-handle and the screwdriver type (torque limiter, calibrated and set). Note: A very slight scalloped look on the wood is normal.

Journal Head Installation Documents For:

15" or 20" - 4 Post Thickness Planer

Powermatic Model 201 Thickness Planer

Dewalt DW735

Journal Head Spec. Form:

Looking to change out your conventional planer or jointer head to take advantage of carbide insert journal heads? Download our Journal Head Spec. Form and fax the filled in form back to us for a price quote on journal heads on any jointer or planer that was not listed on our Journal Head pages.