Product Instructions

Easy Lock User Guide

The Easy Lock hydro-lock system allows the cutter-head or hydro-sleeve to be pressurized with-out using a high-pressure grease pump. The sealed pressure bladder is pressurized by tightening the allen bolt across from the grease nipple until it stops tight. This screw pushes a piston of grease into the bore sleeve causing the bore to shrink on tight to the machine spindle. NOTE: do not tighten the pressurizing bolt unless the head is on the machine spindle or grinding arbor to avoid deforming the bore of the head.

Follow the simple steps to pressurize the head:

  1. Position the head on the machine spindle in the correct position.
  2. Using an 8mm hex wrench, tighten the pressure screw until it stops tight.
  3. To depressurize the head simply loosen the pressure screw and remove the head.

Important! - Oil the pressure screw threads monthly when the head is in use to prevent thread galling / damage. Use an oil thread lubricant such as Never Seez. Do NOT use WD-40.

Easy lock heads are equipped with a set of filler grease nipples that can be used to repressurize the sleeve if required during an o-ring replacement. Note the filler nipple is not for use in everyday operation.

Hydro-Head Precautions:

  1. Always check the pressure of the heads each morning if the heads are left overnight to be sure the pressure is maintained.
  2. Always use safety lock collars as a backup mechanical device to drive the head in the event of pressure loss.
  3. Always be sure the spindle diameter is not excessively worn more than .002” under the nominal size to prevent bore slippage.
  4. Heads are pre-calibrated for use between 35 degrees and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

To re-pressurize, the Easy Lock heads in the event of a grease fitting change out or sleeve replacement. First place the head on the machine spindle, second tighten the pressure screw until it is fully tightened, then using a high-pressure grease pump fill the head to 325 Bar (4750 p.s.i.) using the grease nipple. The head is now fully re-pressurized. Loosen the pressure screw to remove the head from the spindle. After re-charging the pressure system we recommend the head be pressure tested overnight to inspect for slow grease leaks.

The Easy-Lock design is proven reliable in our lab tests which pressurized the system over 25,000 times without failure or pressure loss. This simulates 35 years of typical use.