Lux Cut Head Testimonials

 Here's what some of our customers are saying about our Titan Lux Cut III Helical Cutterheads for planers and jointers:

In this FrankMakes Youtube video; Frank upgrades his Powermatic P180 planer with a Lux Cut Journal Head and compares it to his old straight knife head. - 05-2023

" I am a high end contractor and constantly struggle to plane teak, walnut, and other exotic woods. Not only does it burn up planer after planer and blades on top of blades, but the places I work make it a huge nuisance because of the noise. When I learned about these cutters it took me a a little bit to convince myself to spend nearly as much on the head as I did on the entire planer. Finally I bought it. My entire crew and the current homeowner were all astonished. We literally gathered around the planer just to watch and listen to it with our mouths open. It is unbelievable the difference in sound volume and cut finish. The planer never trips the annoying circuit breaker and the boards are glass smooth. Out of 10 I give this head a 13.5! "  — Tod at Hitch Homes, 2021 (Lux Cut MSJ-DW735)

" Excellent product and service! Will be getting one for my Dewalt planer soon (5*) Love the Luxcut III head! Got here quickly and a real joy to use.  The folks at mywoodcutters were great to work with and gracious to suggest the Luxcut when I was ready to give up on helical heads after being unable to get a firm commitment from Byrd 8 weeks after ordering. I will definitely be ordering a Luxcut for my Dewalt DW735 soon.  Thanks guys! (5*) "   — Jerry P., 2021 (Lux Cut MSJ-G6-63)

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