Finger Joint Tooling

European Finger Joint Wing Cutters

European Finger Joint Wing CuttersWe offer a complete selection of finger joint wing style cutter heads. Wing cutters are generally used on European and Japanese manufactured finger joint systems. We offer quick deliveries and technical support on all international joint standards. Wing cutters are offered in High-Speed Steel or Carbide Tip for hardwoods. We supply wing cutters from 2 to 10 wings for feed rates up to 200 blocks/min. at 6,000 RPMs.


Custom Saw Style Finger Joint Cutters

Custom Saw Style Finger Joint CuttersOther custom joint styles are offered. Standard cutting circles are 160 mm and 250 mm. Standard bores are 50 mm & 70 mm. Bushings are available for smaller shaper spindles.


Japanese Style 2-Wing Cutters (Carbide Tipped)

Japanese Style 2-Wing Cutters (Carbide Tipped)Wing cutters offer an economical way to finger joint on a shaper or tenoner. You can recover your shop fall down or scrap blocks & produce high-value finger jointed components for as little as a few hundred dollars in tooling costs. We offer wing cutters to either produce small gaps at the ends of the joint or closed up without a tip gap. If you are exporting your products outside North America your customers may request the tip gap option. Wing cutters provide high strength values because of their thin pitch and thin tip design. Insert knife style wing cutters are also offered. Single inserts can be replaced at a lower cost if a tip should break off. Insert style heads offer a long term lower cost option for finger jointing on larger production machines. Call for a complete cost comparison.


AceCo. Precision Finger Joint Cutters

AceCo. Precision Finger Joint CuttersWe offer a complete line of finger joint knives for cutting joint lengths from 1/8" to 1-1/2" long. Knives available in High-Speed Steel, Carbide Tipped or Solid Carbide, and treated M2 steel* to extend run times between re-sharpenings. All knives are precision made by AceCo. to tolerances as close as +/- 0.0001". Call for other sizes.

High-Speed Steel finger joint knives are resharpened normally every 2 to 4 shifts, depending on the material density and joint length. Most knives can be resharpened several hundred times for years of grindable life. Carbide tipped knives allow you to finger joint abrasive materials like LVL, Plywood, and MDF. Finger joint knives must be properly balanced, sharpened, and posted in order to maintain a high-quality finger joint. If you have any questions or problems maintaining your tooling give us a call, we offer free in-depth technical support to help. Super strong "Micro-Joints" save wood fiber. Just by shortening your finger joints 1/8" you can greatly reduce tear-out and save tens of thousands of dollars per year, per machine in wood fiber. We offer a free finger joint analysis to determine what your potential material savings are.

AceCo. Precision Finger Joint CuttersWe offer AceCo. precision finger joint heads for all production finger joint machines including; IWW Industrial Woodworking, Western Pneumatics, Cader-Tech, Dimter, Grecon, Taihei, Kikukawa, Dubus, Sauter, Omga, and more. Heads from 2 to 20 knife stacks are available for production rates up to 300 blocks/min. We can supply heads with Hydro-Locking sleeves or with Cone/Collet bores for any diameter spindle. Call for JAS or AISI structural joint certification assistance. Finger joint heads can be assembled to cut a variety of joint styles including: Reversible, Male/Female, Re-saw, and Feather Joints. We offer a full selection of replacement parts for all your finger joint cutter heads. Most standard items can be delivered quickly; head nuts, bolts, grease fittings, washers, cones, index spacers, and more. We also supply safety lock collars, setup stands, hook grinding gages, and grease gun parts. Call for no charge advanced technical support on all finger joint tooling and joint-related questions.

AceCo. 10-Post Setup stand is used for the quick reposting of cutters. Offered in 2 to 20 posts.

Hook grinding gages are important to producing a perfect joint. We offer a complete selection of precision grinding templates for every finger joint knife available.

Special high-pressure grease fittings are used for all hydro-locking style cutter heads. We offer both English & Metric fittings.

A MUST FOR CLOSED JOINTS. Finger joint depth gage for comparing finger lengths from shaper #1 to shaper #2.  Makes trim saw adjustments quick and precise the first time.


Finger Joint Grinders and Grinding Wheels

Finger Joint Grinders and Grinding WheelsPrecision grinding is essential to achieving perfect joints. Poor grinding will negate the performance of even the most precise tooling and machinery. We offer a complete selection of finger joint grinding equipment and can help instruct your grinding room staff on the most efficient procedures for maintaining your tooling. Written technical information is available. We provide several models of face grinders for sharpening finger joint cutters and other styles of heads. We can fit the proper grinder to your exact operation. We will show you how the right grinder can save you thousands of dollars in labor costs and help keep your grinding room costs to a minimum. A precision locking work-head and knife indexing system holds the cutter head in the proper hook position when grinding. Fine grit CBN and Diamond wheels are normally used to obtain a keen cutting edge for longer tool life.

Finger Joint Grinders and Grinding WheelsWe offer many grinding wheel styles and sizes to match your existing grinder. We provide a full line of wheels with various diameters, grits, bonds, and hardness in either Aluminum Oxide, Blue Ceramic, CBN, or Diamond wheels. We can custom match the proper wheel for your needs and your specific grinder and application.

(Type 11 Flaring Cup Wheel - for Roughing Grinding FJ Cutters.)

Use a 1/4" radius for most AceCo cutters and 1/8" radius for most Wisconsin Knife cutters. All stock wheels are 1.25" bore / 80 grig. Other bore sizes and finer grits are the same prices - made to order. Call for details. Our radius edge CBN wheel for resharpening finger joint cutters - Regrinds the knife gullets as you face grind - helps to reduce the chances of knife breakage.


Finger Joint Machine Parts

Finger Joint Machine PartsWe offer all of the wear type parts including brush strips, chain guides, bed bars, insert-rails, air pressure bags, lugs, chain links, sprockets, squeeze rolls, press feet, and more are available. Spare Parts are CNC machine to OEM tolerances, but without the high OEM prices. We help you keep even the oldest finger joint systems running. Hardened insert bed-rails, No-mar strips, short block chains, replacement lugs, air bags, and many others are available. Parts are made to OEM specs for nearly half the cost in some cases!  Offerings from stock or quick delivery on standard parts or we can custom make parts to fit modified machines.

Finger Joint Machine PartsWe offer solid and multi-part lugs for most finger joint systems and chains. Custom lugs can also be made if required. Most lugs can be shipped with quick deliveries.

Finger Joint Machine Brush StirpHigh-quality standard and custom spec. block hold down brush strip bar. Standard brush strips are 3' long. Call for prices on custom sizes.

Standard No Mar hold-downs, custom lengths, and custom bolt slots can be made to your specs.

Standard No Mar hold-downs, custom lengths, and custom bolt slots can be made to your specs.

We offer insert rails for most production finger joint systems. Most rails are offered from stock for quick delivery at a lower cost. All rails are hard chromed to help extend the scribe wear life. Custom rails with various scribe depth or sharpness are also offered for hardwoods or to reduce scribe marks on soft pines. Hard chrome costs are in flux which affects the cost of the insert rails - Call for prices.Standard No Mar hold-downs, custom lengths, and custom bolt slots can be made to your specs.


Finger Joint Glue Application Equipment

Finger Joint Glue Application Equipment
An older glue wheel system can cost you thousands of dollars to operate a year. We offer the Apquip glue application equipment for finger joint, edge, and face gluing applications. These systems are designed reliable and offer the precision control needed. New systems pay for themselves by reducing glue clean-up time and by saving up to 30% in glue consumption over roller wheels. Through efficient glue application, these systems reduce wasted squeeze out and can reduce several glue joint problems common to older technology. Systems will work with most adhesives either with sealed pressure tanks or pumped from your tote. Call for details and prices on systems.

Finger Joint Glue HeadWe provide the best choice in quick change glue nozzles for consistent glue application. Apquip glue heads are made from the finest stainless steel and designed for your specific joint profile and adhesive. Adjustable heads that allow the same head to glue from 4/4 to 8/4 are also available.

Finger Joint Machine Comb HeadWe offer the Beachport head cleaners to eliminate finger joint head plugging. These head combs are designed to eliminate wood chips and wood dust from in between the knives and thus eliminate knife plugging and wood joint rip-out. Our head cleaner design uses a precision fixture that secures a brass profiled comb 100 deg. before the cut. Standard comb stands and mounts are offered for Industrial, Western, and other finger joint systems. All head cleaners are designed to pivot safely out of the dust hood if a block is sucked in. Brass combs are made to fit your thickest knife setup - up to 8/4.

Rip-out is caused when wood packs in-between the knives. Head combs may be required. It is common with longer joints in Cedar, Hemlock, Spruce, and Redwood. Combs are made to clean in-between each knife to prevent them from spreading a part.

Finger Joint Head Comb