Woodturning Knives

14.8 x 3.2 mm - Round Carbide Insert - Woodturning Cutter

Sku: WTI-R3214.8

Type - Woodturning Carbide Insert Knife
Shape - Round
Diameter - 14.8 mm
Thickness - 3.2 mm
Hole - Counter Sunk, MS-KS58 Screw (M5) Recommended (Sold Separately)
Bevel - 27 degree

Note: We recommend customers measure their existing cutter since we cannot guarantee compatibility with tools from other manufacturers.

Cutter likely compatible with:

  • AZ Carbide Tools RD15 cutter
  • Harrison Specialties STH Simple Turner Finisher TM, STH Simple Hollowing Tool TM, SSNH Simple Swan Neck Hollower TM
  • Rockler Turning Tools Full Size Round Tool R2 44013
  • Sorby Turnmaster RSTM Tip – Round

Commonly used in woodturning applications. Round cutters are generally used for inside curves. Made using long wearing solid C3 carbide and polished for smoother cutting and longer life.